[BCM 320] And Now, a Post About “The Host”!


Hello there!

Recently I watched the 2006 South-Korean film “The Host” and engaged in Live-Tweeting during my viewing of the movie.

As I have previously Live-Tweeted films before in other subjects, I was familiar with this activity. However, unlike what I have accomplished previously, “The Host” is a movie with a societal, social and cultural origin very different from that of my own. As such, watching and Live-Tweeting the film was a unique experience that allowed me to examine my own background and personal framework.

When it comes to Asian culture, ―and more specifically, Asian cinema― I have very little knowledge of the concept and what it entails. Coming from a Caucasian Australian household, much of the media I accessed and consumed during my childhood and the majority of my teenage years was Western; these being television, films, games and music that were influenced by ―or directly exported…

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  1. The paradigm of individualism vs collectivism is something that spoke to me. Whilst in my own learnings from anthropology/cultural linguistics classes we talk a lot about collectivist/individualist cultures and it is true that countries like China, Japan and S.Korea score highly on collectivism, I think I’d like to hear more about your own thoughts about how actions within your family differ to the actions that Gang-du’s family did in the Host, and how that reflects individualism vs collectivism. There were moments in the film that I felt strayed away from collectivism; the berating of Gang-du by his family; when Gang-du’s brother split from his sister to trace the caller ID location etc. Perhaps it’d be better to stray away from overly generalising and to explain the actions that had happened, and how they might reflect concepts of collectivism and individualism.


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