The First Film in Tweets.

Elizabeth Farley

Another semester has begun, this is my second semester of live-tweeting and it started with a screening of The Host (2006).

Coming from a Caucasian background, I found so many cultural differences between the characters and myself, my upbringing and my family construct. In the beginning I found it hard to connect with characters the way I usually do in western films. This lead to a big interest in what was happening in the film, trying to understand and empathise with the characters and especially, the way the family interact.

A main aspect of live-tweeting I struggle with is that of composing meaningful and informative tweets and engaging in conversation. It felt as though the engagement on more serious tweets was much much lower, if not, non-existent. This is why for a lot of the film, I engaged in a serious of memes, starting with Super Hero and Simpsons…

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