An Outward Look at ‘The Host’

Culturally Clueless

Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve become
fascinated by the pop culture emerging from Asia. This interest really stemmed
from South Korea’s unprecedented economic growth following their decision to
make culture their largest export. The success of this decision can be
evidently seen through the emergence of K-pop, K-beauty and Korean media on Western
shores. Adaptations of successful South Korean shows such as Masked Singer are
hitting our screens and Korean Idol Groups are touring the country every other
month. This phenomenon is not unlike the mainstream consumption of American media
and culture or the similar ‘British Invasion’ in the mid-1960s.

I am a caucasian Australian, who grew up on the coastline of New South Wales. My hometown was not very ethnically diverse and it was only after my departure from that community that I recognised how limited my cultural exposure truly was. Following this realisation…

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