‘The Host’ (2006): A personal response


Prior to the screening of ‘The Host’ (2006), I had never ventured into Asian media. Additionally, I had never live-tweeted a film screening. My initial expectations were low as I predicted I would struggle to follow the film whilst concentrating on tweeting my thoughts throughout the screening.

‘The host’ (2006) is a Korean horror film directed by Bong Joon-Ho. The film follows the story of an everyday Korean family, who dedicate themselves to finding their youngest relative Hyun-Seo who was taken by a monster in the Han river.

The premise of the film was derived from a real life incident known as the “McFarland Incident”, when a U.S military employee released roughly 470 bottles of formaldehyde into the Han river, from which the monster is presumed to have grown. (AsianWiki, 2016)

My initial predictions were wrong, as I thoroughly enjoyed the comedic horror and found it easy to…

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