An introduction to media ethnography

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My first BCM320 seminar introduced me to the topic of studying Asian media ethnographies, with this weeks focus being a live-tweeting experience with a viewing of Korean film The Host.

This was a difficult exercise for me, as watching a foreign-language film requires a lot of attention to read the subtitles whilst also taking in the action of the film, and I personally find it quite difficult to maintain an attention span for prolonged periods of time, specifically when there’s other modes of entertainment (eg. my laptop with twitter open).

That being said, I believe this viewing experience was valuable to my learning, although my live tweeting could use some improving.

I was able to note on Twitter regarding a similarity I noticed in the father-searching-for-daughter storyline, the same as in the film Taken, a movie which was my favourite when I was younger. It was interesting to note a…

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