Week One Screening: The Host!

Now I may be a bit bias when it comes to ‘The Host’ but when I found out we were watching it in BCM320 I was ecstatic and not just because we were finally watching a horror film in class. I first watched this film one day when I was bored at home and craving a horror film, at first, I was going to sit, and half-watch it while on my phone I found it hard to ignore this fast-paced action-packed film.

This isn’t my first experience to live-tweeting having previously experienced it in BCM325, which helped significantly, as I found I was less hesitant to start and continue conversations with the rest of the class. The fact that I had previously watched ‘The Host’ also helped as I had previously looked at articles about this film, so it wasn’t difficult to find these articles again to share. It also helped when I missed parts of the movie, I wasn’t completely lost due to missing the subtitles.

Both my parents come from Australia with an English and Irish background so growing up there wasn’t really any Asian films, I had to seek these out on my own. Though I did get into anime at a young age most of them were English dubbed, I grew up watching dubbed Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and One Piece only seeking out the subbed ones later in life. Most of the time now I will even watch dubbed over subbed since I don’t want to miss key points in the story since I’ll be on my phone.

‘The Host’ was a rare occasion for me when I just wanted to sit and watch a movie, which I’m glad I did. Apart from anime, my experience with Asian films are either horror or the ‘banned’ ones which also usually end up being horror. From an autoethnographic view, Korean horror films are some of the best. My pool of knowledge might be a little limited, but I love the small comedic value they bring into their horror films. In ‘The Host’ it was the main character Park Gang-du and his family who brought the comic relief with their poor choices (there must have been at least 5 or more bad choices) and remarks throughout the film.

The Host will always be a movie I recommend to people if they’re looking for something good to watch. Even though it’s 13 years old, it’s the perfect mix of horror, comedic relief gorgeous filmography and a story that won’t leave you bored halfway through.


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