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To get us started in BCM320, we had to watch The Host, directed by John Ho Bong. The film could be classified as within the action/horror genre. However what was undoubtedly unique was the way Bong used humour to distill tension and offer a welcoming change of pace from other, action packed scenes. This worked to create a multi-faceted engagement with the audience.

I think my cultural background significantly impacted the way I viewed the film. I was born in Australia and grew up here my whole life, and as such have become accustomed to Western ideals, mannerisms and ways of thinking. Furthermore I admittedly have very little knowledge about Korea, or by extension, Asian culture in general. Additionally, I simply can’t recall the last time I watched an Asian film. This culminates in the idea of unfamiliarity, and I immediately felt like an outsider the moment the film began…

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