Blog post one (BCM320)

王曉萱 Felicia Wang

This week we watched The Host, a film by Korean director Bong Joon-ho. This film was recommended by my friends a few years ago, but I did not watch it because I am timid and afraid to watch this horror film. It wasn’t until after watching this in class that I found that I had missed such a good movie for so many years.

Through the comments of media and film critics from all walks of life, I found that The Host is not just popcorn entertainment, but an ironic social and political work.

Everyone in the Park family represents the social and cultural background of Korea in different periods. Grandpa is the backbone of the family and a survivor of the Korean War that has gone through decades of military power. After suffering, he cherishes the current family, his children, and willing to use “bribery” means to win any…

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  1. Hi Xiaoxuan, through your post I found that your analysis of this film is very unique. In my post, I didn’t analyze the relationship between characters and the cultural influence behind Korean movies. I agree in part about the impact of the Asian cultural background you mentioned on Korean film. South Korea is obviously a collectivist country. In many cultural practices, they follow the collectivist behavior pattern. This is obviously different from the behavior of Western countries. This is also the difference between cross-cultural communication. I think in Asia’s movie. The difference between a movie and a western movie will be obvious. Your analysis is a good analysis. Well done!

    Here is the clip to help you understand the difference between the collectivism and individualism. Hope that is useful for you.



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