The Host: A reflection – BCM320


Today I had the privilege to watch my first Korean film, ‘The Host.’ Growing up I have experienced much of the world, due to my parent’s lifestyle. I have had the privilege of having an open mind and engaging with the world in a sensitive, thoughtful and artistic manner. I have only experienced quite a few places, but only a handful of Asian countries, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

During the film, I feel that my cultural background allowed me to perceive the film as it was. I was actually quite interested in the style of filmmaking, as I am used to Hollywood films. I did not understand what the film was trying to communicate in its overall message. Perhaps due to my history classes in school, I drew a link between Agent Orange, used in the Vietnam war and the ‘Agent Yellow’ used to stop the monster in the…

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  1. good identifying of your own “environmental care and awareness emotional response” while I had a similar response to the scene, because of the ridiculous of the American actor’s reaction to dust and the passiveness of the Korean assistant’s ability to speak out against a superior that was the cultural understanding that overpowered my reaction to environmental care. Personally, I would have liked the dialogue in that scene to be a bit less blunt from the American actor his lines made it sound like he wasn’t just ignorant but wanted to damage the water source of Korea and dust was his excuse. Then again without it, there would have been no movie.

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