Digesting South Korean Films: ‘The Host’

pay attention and scroll...

A brand new session = a brand new subject = a tonne of new movies I get to watch for the first time (which I never got around to viewing).

For our first in-class screening, we were exposed to the South Korean thriller/monster film directed by Bong Joon-ho The Host (2006). This was not my first exposure to Korean media as I’ve found myself engaged with Asian cinema and K-Pop (not a Koreaboo, I promise).

Having experienced live-tweeting seminars on films, I was keen to get started on focusing solely on the Asian diaspora eminent within the product in which they originated. Taking this into account, The Host provided both subtle and blatant nuances through expressions in vocal tones, body language, actions, interactions, and comedic relief elements placed throughout the film.

Growing up as an Asian-Australian of Filipino descent, my cultural upbringing was surrounded by a vast collection of Asian…

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