Blog Post 1 – Personal Response to ‘The Host’ (2006)

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I find it quite difficult to explain my cultural upbringing when the question arises. I have an Italian/Australian father and a Japanese mother, so it’s safe to assume that I’ve grown up in a multicultural environment. This is definitely true, but I couldn’t say whether a part of how I interpret things is “because of my heritage”.

I’ve been exposed to Australian and Western perspectives in social settings as well as home. But at home I was also engrossed by other cultures through mediums that weren’t exclusively or overly ‘Western’.

That being said, watching the 2006 film ‘The Host’ made me realise that there are instances where my cultural experiences help and/or limit my interpretations. There are many prominent themes introduced in ‘The Host’, but there’s also subtle things in the film that could require prior knowledge in order to authentically understand the material.

My Mum introduced me to numerous…

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