My Final Experience of Share Trading in China

homebrew drafts.

My digital artefact document and summarised my experience of trading shares on stock exchanges in China, specifically on those in Hong Kong and Shanghai, by means of a podcast. I utilised a share trading game to prevent risking any capital, and researched my purchases (using a fictional US$1,000,000) through stock exchange databases and the South China Morning Post to locate shares with proven growth and experience the differing investment environment of a communist country. A secondary goal was to actually make some profit on these shares – as indicated below, this was not successful.

end 2 Value of shares as of 25 October 2018. 6-digit symbols are listed on the SEHK, 4-digit symbols are listed on the SSE.

Locating shares to purchase for the project, irrespective of whether the share was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK) or the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), required the use of either an English-language newspaper…

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