Harrison Thomas – Tate Robinson: Japanese Etiquette

What did we experience?

When we started, we had written a research report. That was the wrong move. We’ve shortened it down and created a podcast.

In this podcast, we discussed different topics regarding Japanese etiquette. These include

  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Chopstick etiquette
  • Tipping
  • Business
  • Social interactions


At first we were expecting there to be several differences compared to western society. Of course we did find some, however there were some similarities relating to funeral and wedding attire. At first some of these were a shock, especially the amount of money you’d give for a wedding/funeral. For a university student, that was a shock. However, the amount you give usually changes depending on your relationship to the person/family. That’s why we don’t like talking to people. We personally loved some of the things that Japan does, that we don’t. Or that we don’t focus as heavily on. For example, the cleanliness and lack of physical contact.

The rituals relating to funerals were rather interesting as it really focused on seeing and looking at the deceased person. For example, in one specific ritual, they place the deceased on their favourite piece of furniture, most likely a futon or a lounge/bed, and they then place certain items on the body of the deceased to protect them. 

Here’s the podcast –




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