Veganism in Japan – a look through anime

Some Spilt Ink

As a vegan, I am interested in how the movement is progressing throughout not just my own country, but throughout the world. I visited Japan in 2014, and found it incredibly hard, if not impossible to be completely vegan. For the most part it is impossible to know what is in your food, and I found that Japanese people don’t really consider seafood as animal, so we would often order a vegetarian meal and find it laced with fish. However, my lack of Japanese language skills probably didn’t help in solving this issue.

Japan has a history rooted in Buddhism, which highly endorses vegetarianism. In fact, once upon a time, the killing of all animals was illegal in Japan.

There are hardly any studies that suggest the popularity of veganism in Japan. In fact the only one I could locate surveyed only 1,188 people and found that 4.7% of Japanese population are…

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