Pokémon: An Ethnographic Study

The Town of the Talk

Most adults our age probably grew up watching Pokémon most mornings before school. Talking from experience at least, Pokémon was a big part of our childhoods. Declan was really into the games especially, and his friends and him were super into Pokémon cards too. He had no idea how to actually battle, but he liked collecting and trading them with people at school. Alike this, I remember watching the television show in the early mornings with my older brother, and playing the video games on my classic Gameboy Advance (and later in high school on my Gameboy Advance emulator during class but ssssh). Pokémon’s incredible multimedia appeal means that it was able to become almost completely omnipresent, as far as we can remember; we have little memory of Pokémon being a ‘Japanese presence’ in our lives or in the lives of our friends. We don’t think most kids were aware…

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