Experience Asia; A final post on my Ethnographic project

em koletti

Throughout this ethnographic project, I have been producing a photo journal of my day trips to different landmarks and locations in Sydney and Wollongong. These particular locations are influenced by the Asian culture and have in some way educated their audience through the heritage and history of each place. Since the beginning of this project, I aimed to study a culture’s ‘relational practices, common values and beliefs, shared experiences…to better understand the culture’ as written in the (Ellis et al. 2011) reading. This experience has allowed me to appreciate and recognise the diverse cultures we have in Australia, through the method of becoming a participant observer. I was able to understand this more through my passion for photography as I captured the sites I visited. I took over 100 photos at each destination but unfortunately was not able to upload that many on my Tumblr page and there was not…

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