BCM320 Digital Artefact: Japanese Horror


Digital Artefact

‘Japanese Horror|Carved: The Slitmouth Woman Reaction’, is an evocative reaction video with a focus on understanding the Japanese horror film industry.


This was my digital artefact, a 90 minute reaction to the film ‘Carved: The Slitmouth Woman’, edited down into a 10 minute video displaying eye opening commentary and epiphanies about Japanese Horror. Originally I planned to conduct this autoethnographic research by a combination of the layered accounts approach and community autoethnography; using reactions from all my housemates. Conversely, after reflexive thinking instigated by peer responses to my previous blogs, I came to the conclusion that if only I reacted to the film, I’d have the ability to pause it at will, and discuss important aspects of film when necessary. Moreover, my housemates had already experienced many Japanese movies and thus had already unintentionally gone through autoethnographic process.


During the film I had many important realisations…

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