BCM320 DA – The Harajuku Diaries

If you had you asked me what Harajuku street fashion was a few months ago, I probably would have referred you to an early 2000s’ Gwen Stefani music video. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I probably still would have struggled to explain what it is, in a clear, coherent manner. This week, I decided to bite the bullet and present to you, my experience trying to understand and recreate the very radical trend that is Harajuku street fashion… or at least my interpretation of it.


Leading up to the production of this video, I spent quite a few weeks trying to wrap my head around the very concept of Harajuku Street fashion. Drawing on my proposal, I initially chose this subject as  I wanted to experiment with a visually stimulating cultural practice that was vastly different to my own.

While diving into the…

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