BCM320 Contextual Essay: My Autoethnographic Investigation into Japanese Horror Films


Digital Artefact is available here

Contextual Essay

I chose to undertake an autoethnographic investigation on the topic ‘Japanese Horror movies’. I selected this topic because of my own limited experience of Japanese horror movies, and my complicated relationship with American horror movies; as I love the idea of them, but can never watch them in their entirety.

Selecting a field site for my investigation was easy, as when looking for films there were a range of Japanese horror movies available on YouTube with English subtitles. I settled on choosing ‘Kuchisake-onna/Carved: The Slitmouth Woman’ as it had over two million views. I was prepared to watch another Japanese horror if ‘Carved’ was of a poor quality, but after the first five minutes of dialogue and quality cinematic shots I was interested in the story.

To collect my data from the field site I used the layered accounts approach, which Ellis describes…

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