The Flying Heroes & History of Chinese Wuxia Films

Media, Stories and Thoughts

I’m sure many readers will have heard of the martial arts film craze. Perhaps you’re a connoisseur of the genre? Perhaps you’ve seen a few films, but wouldn’t really consider yourself a fan? Or perhaps you’re like me, someone who only had a vague peripheral understanding of the film genre?

Before starting this project, I’d never seen a martial arts film. Sure I’d seen films with martial arts in them, but never one where it was a focus. I’d heard of Bruce Lee and Jet Li (and had thought the two related for a few years), and I’d heard of films like The Karate Kid and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but outside of vague hearsay I really didn’t know anything about the genre.

Initially I’d intended to look at the genre quite broadly (you can find the list of films I intended to watch, as well as some initial thoughts…

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