Digital Asia – Digital Artifact – Jack Polglase’s Mukbang

Jack Polglase

I’ve completely scrapped the original idea that I had for this Digital Artifact after a revelation (an epiphany, perhaps?) that occurred to me at work, thanks to a colleague and I discussing cooking. This did essentially shift my work from being on the analytical side of autoethnography, to it being almost entirely evocative, by allowing my audience to “…experience an experience” (ELLIS, 1993, p.711; ELLIS & BOCHNER, 2006). I think this was the best case for me in my final BCM class to do something out of the ordinary for me, something challenging in both a video editing and physically time consuming way.

Mukbang: …“Meok,” which is a shortened version of the verb “meokda” — meaning “to eat” — and “bang” — short for “bangsong,” which translates to “on air” (The Korea Herald, 2013).

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.35.56 pmWriting down the idea – part 1.

It is a product of Hallyu 2.0 (Korean wave…

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