BCM320 – Contextual Essay

ray of sunshine

If you’ve been following along with my recent blogs you will know I am undertaking an auto-ethnography approach to Korean Drama. I chose to focus on this genre because I had noticed the rise of Korean pop culture within my different social channels. These included Netflix, Spotify and my Youtube recommendations.

When choosing my field site it was easier than excepted due to increase on Netflix of Korean shows. I chose to specifically watch ‘Hello! My Twenties” (also known as Age of Youth) because it is is a drama-comedy revolving around the lives of five twenty-something women who must navigate their way through adulthood. And as a twenty-something woman who is trying to navigate my way through adulthood, I was instantly drawn to it. The show also has a 100% audience score on ‘Rotten Tomatoes“.

To collect my data from the field site I choose to…

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