DA: Welcome to the world of K-Pop music videos (autoethnography)

An autoethnography through the eyes of someone who originally had no idea what K-Pop was.

As the first sentence explains, I started off with absolutely no idea what K-Pop even stood for. I knew it was some kind of music but didn’t realised what country it was from and the kind of genre it belonged to.

First glimpse at K-Pop

First things first, I got YouTube opened and started looking through all sorts of K-Pop videos. Some where similar to what I had kind of imagined and some where completely not what I expected. While watching my thoughts went from that looks super cool to what even was that and back to that looks awesome.

K-Pop Songs Chart

First thing I learnt when watching the below video was that there are genres within K-Pop, such as contemporary and rap music rather than typical pop music. The girl and boy band…

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