Reacting to a T-pop idol

Kelsey O'Brien BCM320 Digital Asia

So far, I’ve gotten a general sense of the Thai pop music imagesGEUYN83J(T-pop) industry by watching and live-tweeting a 2015 playlist of 12 T-pop MVs. In order to deepen my perspective of the industry, I’m going to follow what I consider to be a normal progression of consumption of pop music: moving from the general industry to a specific artist. As such, I will be reacting to three music videos from a T-pop idol, Third Lapat.

While I know nothing about T-pop, my previous cultural framework naturally affects my consumption of the genre. I am a K-pop/J-pop fan, so am used to catchy pop songs sung in lyrics I don’t understand. I’m also used to the bishōnen aesthetic of Asian pop-stars, so while some might consider these men somewhat feminine, this doesn’t bother me at all; I actively seek out attractive bishōnen idols (yes…

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