K-What? Entering a K-Pop fandom.


At age 13 I had my first and only foray into an immersive, dominating fandom experience. It was Twilight and I was unequivocally Team Edward.

It was summer and nearly everyone in my drama class had been clutching at these books for almost a month. Everyone except my group of best friends, who, at the time, thought we were way too cool and emotionally advanced for ‘vampire romance’.

Throughout school we were avid readers, but for reasons I can’t remember, turned our noses up to the phenomenon that was Twilight. Perhaps it was too mainstream. We prized ourselves on our painfully hipster reputation.

However, I was the first to crack. Tagging along to the hairdressers with my Mum, I asked for a copy of Twilight. Ironically, of course.

As if entranced, I read the first book in under 24 hours. And so began one of the most enjoyable and bonding…

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