K-Pop and The Twilight Saga: An Unlikely Cultural Clash.


When experiencing another culture, whether it be travelling, consuming foreign entertainment or a cultural phenomenon, I always use my own lived experiences as a foundation in understanding the concepts. After which, I find research, usually pop-cultural references, to further understand the lived experiences of those whose culture I am experiencing for the first time. In combining these two steps, I am able to relay and critically understand cultures that are immensely different to my own.

When describing my first foray into K-Pop fandom, I heavily relied on my own experiences of fandom culture to begin to understand the intense immersion associated with K-Pop. Although seemingly unrelated, K-Pop fandom and the Twilight Saga held many of the same characteristics to me; that of complete devotion to a product.

In the first third of my blog post, I used auto-biographical concepts to create the foundation and emotional connection associated with fandom culture…

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