A Review on One Episode of Gag Concert

Studio A

Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 (2013.08.03)

Basic Overview:

A South Korean KBS founded Sketch Comedy TV show showcasing the power of stand up comedy. It started off in September 1999 and as it says online, Gag Concert is the oldest of South Korean comedy programs. In Gag concert a ton of different comedians show up to perform a variety of different skits to a live audience concert style. Episodes usually pass an hour and if one skit doesn’t suit you, chances are another will.

This episode featured the skits: The Boy Band / Still Alive / You Are So Bad / Real Modern Dictionary / Daddy's Little Girl / BBOOM Entertainment / Why We Don't Need Men / The King of Ratings / Yellow Sea / Badump Badump / The Legends / Dance Chatter / ...... / SISTAR29 / Ohseong and Haneum / The Uncomfortable Truth


Trying to condense the…

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