Webtoon 2: An update on autoethnographic research

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The first few interactions with Webtoon show me that despite what I have known about Korean culture and Korean fan via past experience, Webtoon is a completely new realm. With this in mind, I started off the autoethnographic research about Korean Webtoon by writing my epiphanies.

“Epiphanies are remembered moments perceived to have significantly impacted the trajectory of a person’s life” (BOCHNER & ELLIS, 1992; COUSER, 1997; DENZIN, 1989)

In the research, Epiphanies are my thoughts on readings Webtoon as well as my interpretations of the Korean cultural products before going to analyse the cultural experience. Because the autoethnographic research serve the purpose of “helping insiders (cultural members) and outsiders (cultural strangers) better understand the culture (MASO, 2001). Even though I have got introduced about Webtoon as Korean soft power, I think my knowledge is lack of depth. Relying on the knowledge to write an analysis of the powerful…

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post analysing your autoethnographic experience with ‘Webtoons’. I am exploring this topic for my group DA, so I found your insight interesting and helpful.

    Your discussion of identifying epiphanies as the most remembered moments of your data collection is also how I understood autoethnography in terms of my own research project. I found it a helpful way to identify moments of significance when exploring a realm of the Asian culture that were new to me. I noticed that many of my epiphanies seemed to come from moments that I could draw comparison to within my own cultural framework. However, you are right in pointing out that it is worth paying attention to the moments that we don’t immediately identify as ‘epiphanies’, as these seem to be the moments that need further research. I will take this into account in my own research project.


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