“Strong Girl Bong-Soon” To Continue Or Not? (3)

Rachelle Esaid

No. of Episodes: 16

Run-time: 70 Minutes

Released: February 24 – April 15, 2017

Episode Review

A much more recent show, 2017 and a whopping 70 mins per episode. This was hard to get through considering I’m not use to the idea of a TV show episode going for so long but, then you think about it as a movie and it goes by so quickly… hmmmm. Anyways, this was a interesting first episode to a show. Not full romance but, it did well introducing characters and what kind of story it will lead. We are introduced to one of our main characters and the second one, sort of, through a dream sequence. This scene will help both of these characters eventually meet up later into the episode.

We have our main female character, Do Bong Soon a young lady who is currently looking for full-time employment but possesses a…

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