Representations of the animal in Asian film and television

Some Spilt Ink

I travelled to Indonesia in February of this year, and although I knew that it would be quite easy to find vegan food in a country that has historically lived-off soy products, rice and veggies, I was not prepared for the attitudes towards animals and their welfare.

Living in a small village, I witnessed the raw trading and slaughter of chickens which were pulled out of the make-shift carts by their wings and stuffed into small cages to await family slaughter. In some cases children in the village would play with them for a few days first.


Here in Australia, the process behind the meat we consume is so completely out of view that we forget that the abstracted pink, packaged meat actually was once an animal. In Indo, this reality was so stark and blatant and the villagers were not phased at all. Lame ponies pull carts double their…

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