Reflecting on my Narrated Experience: Asian Selfie Apps

No Frills Neil

Following on my previous blog post [x], my auto-ethnographic research will continue towards exploring Asian selfie apps.

Following an auto-ethnographic process as outlined by Ellis. Ellis states autobiographers write about epiphanies, these epiphanies are a part of the auto-ethnographic process. Ellis states that “they must use personal experience to illustrate facets of cultural experience, and, in so doing, make characteristics of a culture familiar for insiders and outsiders.” My narrated experience was filled with epiphanies. I was constantly using my personal experience to illustrate and understand the different facets of these Asian selfie apps in the light of my auto-ethnographic research. Furthermore, as stated by Frank Wall, “autoethnography has been used as a way of telling a story that invites personal connection rather than analysis”. I have utilised my initial reactions and epiphanies as a means to tell a story rather than analyse my narrated experience.

Through my…

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