Part 2: Expanding on my AE experience & My DA!

Diversity, Communication & Culture

If you saw my last blog post on my initial autoethnographical experience with my new digital artefact, you would have seen that I’m interested in the art of Asian cooking shows on YouTube. Since that post I’ve made a video to test the ease and aesthetics of trying to make a video myself!

 It was a lot of fun to explore, and I look forward to experimenting more, but I understand that I am an Westerner (probably butchering a traditional soup recipe) attempting to recreate the aesthetics of a particular genre of cooking video. I can reflexively say that I am conducting this research experience as a white, female and young-adult living in upper-middle class Australian society.  To elaborate on this, Denzin (2003) proposed that “a civic, publicly responsible [auto] ethnography… addresses the central issues of self, race, gender, class, society, and democracy.” (p. 259 2006). Furthermore, drawing on Denzin (2003)…

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