Is Ellis Good at Cooking?

Liam Prince

I’m finally at the back-end of the research side of things for my current digital artefact. Things are slowly progressing and I can now say that I have a little bit more of an understanding on Asian culture and cuisine, in particular, desserts. I’ve officially sorted all of my Data, Research and Communication issues and my DA is in full steam ahead. Looking into Asians desserts, I found it very interesting that Asians desserts are far less sweet and is much easier to create than most westernised desserts. As I explained in my previous blog, the way in which I present my work was still in discussion, and I was focusing on what way would result in most effect Digital Artefact. As explained through the Ellis Et Al reading, when presenting my work, aesthetics become very important. Presenting my research and my work creatively and in an aesthetically pleasing way…

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