Initial autoethnographic experience of Japans modified car scene and street drifting subculture.


I think it is appropriate that I disclose that I am not a car enthusiast what-so-ever. I drive a humble Nissan Pulsar, a commodious drive that does the job perfectly. To me, all cars are just four wheels with some seats, containing a puzzle that lives under the hood that I’ll never really figure out all the pieces to. Prices differentiate depending on what brand emblem is slapped onto it (luxury, sport, performance), model, year, structural inclusion and extras etc (is all I can think of right now) .

Oh, and fast cars go VROOM, VROOM

By now, hopefully the emphasis on my minimal knowledge on car culture and understandings are apparent.

So why the interest in studying Japans modified car scene and street drifting subculture?

evo and ford

The thought came to mind during a Sunday visit over at my brothers place. Parked out front was his beloved 2011 Ford Falcon ute ( XR6 Turbo). Not your typical Australian tradies ute- this car has…

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