Indian Rap: The Method Behind the Experience

The Town of the Talk

“Subjectivity guides everything from the choice of topic studied, to working conceptualisations, to selecting methodologies, and interpreting data.” (Pitard 2017)

The focus of autoethnography is to create a personal experience with the culture of my choice, and through this research, as Pitard suggests, I will sub-consciously and consciously integrate my own perceptions and ideals into the research as to create a personalised experience. Thus, the methodologies in which I will present my findings will hold as much importance as conducting the research. Firstly, I will create my own my own Spotify playlist which I will curate to include rappers and rap songs that I either enjoyed or I found to hold themes of protest in response to inequalities that the Indian communities experience in their day-to-day lives. Creating my own Spotify playlist and not using one that is already created will encourage me to fully immerse myself in the Indian…

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