Indian Rap: An Autoethnographic Study

The Town of the Talk

The focus of my study and autoethnographies in general, stated by Alsop, is to “[shift] one’s notion of center and periphery and coping with the complexity of multiple centers with multiple peripheries”. In other words, Alsop is suggesting that the central purpose of conducting an autoethnography is to, firstly, understand that your own perception of the world and your culture is not the only perception and culture in the world, then secondly, to experience the different perceptions and cultures with an open mind.

These words were helpful for me to determine what I wanted to research and what culture I wanted to immerse myself in and it made me think about the themes of American rap, especially from African-American artists, which focus heavily on political and racial inequalities. In the below video, 2Pac views rap music as a form of protest in order to spark or encourage change.


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