Autoethnography and Narrated Experience


In my last blog post, I began to determine the topic for my independent autoethnography research project. I decided to research the topic J-Pop, more specifically J-Pop idol groups.

I discussed how for my data collection, I am going to live tweet my initial reactions of watching the music videos of pop idol group, Momoira Clover Z, and other idol groups that I decide to explore. The ability of my live tweets will enable me to identify the “epiphanies” of my research, the most remembered moments that have a significant impact of my understanding of the cultural text (Ellis et al, 2011). These epiphanies come from my own cultural background, things that stand out to me and that I can immediately draw relation or comparison to with my own experiences and cultural identity. Ellis et al (2011) outline how accomplishing this epiphany may require “comparing and contrasting personal experience against…

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