Auto-Ethnography research

Connor McKechnie

Practicing ethnography starts with

“shifting one’s notion of center and periphery and coping with the complexity of multiple centers with multiple peripheries.” 

Alsop, Christiane K. (2002)

By cross-referencing these centers and peripheries it creates a larger picture to analyse and comprehend in a previously one-dimensional viewing, now with multiples, I can observe the best way to better understand something previously foreign.

my cultural framework has evolved with the engagement of watching and researching Akira, Gojira, and Susunu! Denpa Shonen / Don’t Go For It Electric Boy!. I have witnessed how my understanding of a topic in the beginning compared to the end result has drastically changed my perception of how I view similar movies and tv. My knowledge of one topic often melds into the next one the more I research. This creates a complex network of the aforementioned peripheries I can use on my next engagement of a…

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