No Frills Neil

Deciding to think what field site of Asian media that I could approach in an autoethnographic approach was quite difficult, to say the least. I wouldn’t say my knowledege of Asian media is extensive. As mentioned before in other previous blog posts [x][x], I come from a Filipino-Australian background. I have encountered several facets of Asian culture through aspects like Kdrama, Kpop, Anime, Fandoms, Food, TV shows/reality. However I wanted to choose a field site that was totally out of my comfort zone. As someone who does not take selfies or even have any social media with uploaded selfies, I decided to endeavour into the phenonemon of Asian selfie apps.

Now that has been established, this has brought me to my Digital Artefact. Why did I specifically choose Asian selfie apps as a field site? Well in the recent years, I’ve developed an interest in Korea…

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