Asian Beats: Connecting the world.


If I have to name one thing that all humans have in common, I wouldn’t hesitate and say that music is probably the closest thing to an universal language as it can get. Whether it’s folk, pop, rock, RnB or metal, all musics are formed with notes, tempos and instruments. However, while having common methodology, musics have identities as well. Music can be cultural, traditional, conventional or modern, it can also be regional, global or experiemental depends on what kind of music you are looking into. That’s why I love music, it has so much to offer just simply by re-arranging and re-invent itself into different forms and variations.

A jazz collaboration by 2 strangers who share common knowledge about music.

In my last  blogpost about ‘Asian Kawaii EDM’, I have illustrated the common elements as well as the uniqueness of the genre in comparison to other genres of…

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