Analyzing Narrative Experience Post

Rachelle Esaid

For this blog post I will be going back and analyzing my last post and understanding my narrative experience. Many people use a narrative approach for many different reasons but so far what I have discuss in my post is my interpretation of what Ellis describes as a narrative ethnography, “…the form of stories that incorporate the ethnographer’s experience…”(2011). I understand this part of the process and from my recent deep dive into my digital artefact, I can now use this experience to develop my posts further.

Moving away from a narrative aspect to a reflexive ethnographic approach. As a result from field work I am already noticing that I stop myself from of my perspective living in a western country and only focusing on the origins of the artefact I discuss/research.

I am unsure at the moment if I fall into the common criticisms of authethnographies. “…criticised for doing…

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