A mirror reflecting more than the person standing in front of it


I will begin by giving a quick rundown of my individual project idea, to refresh my memory and yours. My last post basically discussed how my past travel experiences have lit a fire in my belly to explore all that the world has to offer, and more specifically, the road less travelled. My adventures have most likely intensified my curious nature, which explains the keen interest I took in a travel phenomenon I heard being discussed on the radio, ‘Dark Tourism’. As I read my last blog post, I tried to align the style and content of my writing with the Ellis et al (2011) reading, all the way highlighting how I incorporated the Autoethnography methodology. I gather that Autoethnography combines the methods that of an autobiography and ethnography, incorporating both personal (auto) and cultural (ethno) research. The narrated experience in my last post sparked an epiphany, the travels I shared with my family and especially in Vanuatu have impacted the trajectory of my life. I…

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