03/ Digital Artefact-Asian Restaurant Experience

Emily G.

This subject has been nothing but interesting and a unique experience for me- diving into a new foreign culture, in which I have little knowledge on.

Brainstorming ideas for my autoethnography  digital artefact, many ideas became to circulate. The only positive from having little experience with Asian culture is that it gave me a wider variety to select from a range of field sites to base it on, some in which I jotted down were things such as; fashion, language, gaming, music and food.

Looking back at these ideas I could circulate my project around took way too long for me to choose exactly what I wanted to do. With much delay, I think I have a small idea in the direction I want to head in-

Field Site
Out of all the many ideas I had going around in my head, I decided to go with traditional Asian food.

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