Reading {J}ournal—on Japanese Short Stories—2: Reflect

The Specs

Warning: Somespoilersahead (Kitchen—Banana Yoshimoto, Norwegian Wood—Haruki Murakami, Socrates in Love—Kyoichi Katayama)


In my most recent post, I went down a nostalgic memory lane of experiences with Japanese literature, setting up a background for my upcoming Digital Artefact* on Japanese short stories and the culture’s reflection between the lines—the stories are like age rings of a tree, looking at which one can observe the subtle changes in history and culture, especially among the everyday citizens. Now that I have had some time to distance myself enough from my own writing, it is only apt that I practise looking at that narrative with some objectivity, dissecting the emotional with a more logical approach to bring out the autoethnography aspect.

w 20170821 bcm241 ColabEthnoAutoethnography (my illustration)

The essence of autoethnographic research lies in the analyticitywith which the researcher (in this case, myself) frames their story, using “theoretical and methodological tools”…

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