My Autoethnography Journey

Dejana Ristic

Doing Autoethnography: The Process

As Ellis et al (2011) establish in their study, an autoethnography is an outlook to research and writing that aims to report and systematically analyse (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to interpret cultural experience (ethno).

Through my independent research project I aim to undertake an Autoethnographic research approach through the analysis of my personal cultural experience and drawing experience, in order to interpret a Vietnamese cultural experience.

As Ellis et al (2011) further establish throughout their study, throughout the Autoethnographic process the author writes about previous experiences. The author addresses experiences he has not necessarily lived through.

 Ellis et al (2011) also determine that autobiographers write about epiphanies, which are known as remembered moments comprehended to have significantly had an effect on the course of a person’s life, times of existential crises that obliged a person to attend to and analyse lived experience and…

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