K-Beauty: beyond skin-deep

Abby Poposki

Last week in my blog post, I wrote about how I wanted to look into both K-Beauty and J-Beauty products and the beauty regimes themselves. But, after thinking it through and drawing on the Ellis et al. reading, I’ve decided it was best to focus on only K-Beauty so I can give a thorough analysis of the beauty genre. Moreover, I decided to choose K-Beauty as opposed to J-Beauty because I have better access to the products as there are multiple Korean beauty stores at my local shopping centre.

Using the Ellis et al. reading to analyse my last blog post, I had decided to focus on too many aspects of the beauty genre such as K-Beauty, J-Beauty, skincare and even makeup tutorials. If I had ample time to dedicate to this task, I would love to explore these concepts, however this idea is rather ambitious, so K-Beauty skincare…

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