autoethnographic methodology

madison quince

In this weeks blog post I will be using the auto-ethnographic methodology to analyse my pervious blog post. Auto-ethnography is explained by Ellis, Adams, and Bochner as being:

“A method of research that allows one to systematically analyse personal experience(s) in order to understand another cultural experience. Auto-ethnography encompasses both autobiography and ethnography”

Through my personal experience, I have not experienced Japanese culture as much as I have with other cultures. I was introduced to the culture mostly through food at school where we would hand-make sushi and talk about the culture in class. We did a few assignments on the way that they dress and the food that they eat, but we were not fully exposed to all of the things that the culture had to offer. We weren’t shown the beautiful landscapes or the history of the culture itself. What drew me to Japan so much was their…

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