An Analysis of My Independent Autoethnography

Studio A

"Even though the researcher's experience isn't the main focus, personal reflection adds context and layers to the story being told about participants" (Ellis, 2004)

Reflecting on my previous post I had decided that my Digital Artefact for BCM320 Digital Asia would consist of me reviewing a variety of different Asian comedies, this is because I have an uncontrollable love and respect for comedians and laughter that triumphs most other things in life. Hunger, sleep, shelter.

But to further analyse this using the Ellis et al reading (2011) I began to think about my own cultural framework and how this relates to my chosen Digital Artefact.

The different types of comedy medias I had growing up were mainly American, I remember fondly watching Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker with my family oddly enough not usually on Friday’s. Almost all the comedy shows and other genres of tv we watched…

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