A Review on One Episode of ‘Invisible Man’

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Invisible Man | 투명인간 – Ep.1 (2015.01.28)

Basic Overview:

Invisible Man is a Korean variety game show where a cast of celebrities go to a workplace (office) and attempt to make the employees laugh. If those employees do laugh they fail and if they don’t then the celebrity assigned to them fails. If the employees have less losers then the celeb team then they win some sort of holiday. Apparently this show is now cancelled due to poor ratings.

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Ok so in this show the humour ranged quite a bit, because there was around 5 main celebrities, one guy was a model, the guest was an actress and the rest of them were comedians who had all their own styles of humour. A common form of humour seemed to be this whole ‘acting cute’ thing which involved the use of baby voices and immature speech I guess. Use of…

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