A Review on Comedian Naomi Watanabe’s Shiratori Mirei Skits

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Naomi Watanabe

Related imageBasic Overview:

So I encountered this Japanese actress, comedian, and fashion designer via this YouTube video appearing in my recommended list. I enjoyed her humour and sass throughout the video and was excited to see what else I could unravel.

Her name is Naomi Watanabe, upon discovering this video I stumbled into an interesting new world of comedy. After a quick google search I found that she has been referenced as being the “Japanese Beyonce” for several amazing lip syncing performances. But it was a bit of a struggle to find English subbed episodes of any of the comedy skits she’s done, plus I didn’t even know where to start. The Skit’s I watched were of her character Shiratori Mirei, her features seem to be very exaggerated for obvious comedic effect. Large oddly shaped eyebrows, unflattering camera angles, ill-fitting clothes, you can see examples of this below.

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